#DC 301: "Duotangle: Paradox vs Diva Dance"

Im dieswöchigen Diva Challenge #301 soll ein Duotangle aus Paradox und Diva Dance kreiert werden. Der Begriff Duotangle ist auf Laura Harms und ihren Iamthediva - Blog zurückzuführen. Bei einem Duotangle verwendest du nur zwei Muster bzw. ihre Variationen. Ich hatte viel Spaß mit den beiden Mustern. Ich liebe Duotangles ;-), sie sind einfach schön entspannend....


In this weeks Diva Challenge #301 Laura suggests to create a Duotangle using Paradox and Diva Dance. A Duotangle is a term that originated on her blog for a tile using only two tangles and their tangleations. I have had much fun with both patterns. I love duotangles. It is so relaxing....


Danke für`s Vorbeischauen und hab noch eine schöne Woche!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!!!

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  • #1

    Deanne B (Dienstag, 31 Januar 2017 23:30)

    This is terrific! I love that you used different colours for each tangle! Lots of movement and texture! :)

  • #2

    csibulle (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 09:24)

    I like this duotangle (and duocolor too ;o)

  • #3

    Gudrun S. (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 12:29)

    Wunderbare Kachel - erinnert an Schiffe auf unruhigem Wasser - Wonderful tile - reminding of ships on restless water :-)

  • #4

    Maggibee (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 13:02)

    I aalso like the colours you have used. It makes me think of and ice berg half submerged in the sea. Great depth and texture.

  • #5

    ria matheussen (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 15:55)

    I agree with Gudrun, I think also immediately on a boat at the sea, wonderful tile and perfect colored!

  • #6

    1 Art Lady Kate Tangles (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 21:58)

    Beautiful Duo tangle and I love the brown and black combo.

  • #7

    Jean Chaney (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017)

    Beautiful flow to this duotangle. It does have a very "sea" like feel to it!

  • #8

    Katy Kehoe (Donnerstag, 02 Februar 2017 05:54)

    Very unique and magical tile. It took my breath away.

  • #9

    Annemarie (Donnerstag, 02 Februar 2017 08:26)

    I love this 'sea'!!!

  • #10

    Don Wilka (Samstag, 04 Februar 2017 01:47)

    Nice. This also reminds me of the sea. Not sure if those are islands or the remnants of a shipwreck though.

  • #11

    Susan Theron (Samstag, 04 Februar 2017 19:50)

    Oh, I love this!